Henchmen- Pilot

Written by Eli Green

Logline: The story of the men who work for villains and can never quite get to accomplish their goal of killing their James Bond character discover one day that there is life beyond being disposable.

R.O.R.I - Pilot

Written by Eli Green

The Bill Shine King of Residential Real Estate in Burnham Ohio is challenged when a human-like sales robot replica of Bill is introduced as a competitor for his top spot. The only way out is an all out war of man vs. robot in this murder mystery.

Victor Valley - Short Film

Written by Eli Green & Walter Moore

Logline: Victor Valley is the microcosm of the American Industrialization spirit from 1860 to 2020. The Valley watches as settlers and citizens climb over each other in service of fear, love or greed. But the Valley always lives on, watching.

The Great Crunch - Short Film

Starring Chris Keckner & Lauren Howard Hayes

Written by Chris Keckner, Lauren Howard Hayes & Eli Green

Directed by Eli Green

Blessed - Short Fim

Written & Directed by Eli Green

Starring Kincaid Walker


Relationship Red Zone - Pilot

Written by Marc Singer & Ross Mackenzie

Directed by Eli Green